Master teacher and performer!

“To hear him (Chad) play is like hearing passion, fire, and love flowing from the piano.  An amazing, emotional  experience!”

 “Chad is a master teacher.  His passion for teaching combined with his technical skill produce amazing results.”

 “I simply could not believe the results we achieved in a few short lessons.  Thank you for helping me to take my voice to places I had only dreamed of! ”

Chad’s passion for music was sparked at the age of 5 when for the first time he curiously touched the keys of the piano his parents had purchased for his older sister to take lessons.  With the help of an excellent teacher and the John Schaum series and old red Baptist Hymnal as his primers, Chad began to develop his natural talents and his own, unique style.  Growing up in a home without television and the trappings of our modern society, the piano became not only Chad’s primary source of entertainment and a means of self-expression—the piano often felt like his best friend.  He began playing and singing publicly at the age of 7, and throughout his career has performed many styles of music in a number of venues. 

Chad would later discover the joy and deep satisfaction that comes from sharing his passion and skills with others through teaching. 

In addition to his 14 years of experience in elementary through high school public education, where he received numerous recognitions, including being recognized as Teacher of the Year by his peers on two occasions, Chad has had the opportunity to work with children, youth, and adults in a variety of settings. 

Throughout his tenure as musical director, accompanist, choreographer, and vocal/acting coach with the Black Bear Dinner Theatre, The Holly Theatre and other community playhouses, as well as private lessons, Chad has had the privilege of coaching young artists who would go on to acquire full tuition college scholarships, make television appearances, work as touring musicians, some even landing lead roles in award-winning  Broadway shows.  Chad’s greatest satisfaction comes from inspiring and helping others to reach their highest personal potential. 

Chad has completed two recordings, The Journey, piano improvisation at its finest, and Revisited: Hymns of my Childhood, both available for purchase online in digital format and hard copy. 

Chad is available for performing, coaching, and consulting. 

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